How To Become a Better Employee

In today’s competitive world, just coming on time and doing your job the best you can is not considered enough to be called as good employee. In order to advance your career and getting paid more, you need to add value by making certain that your contributions are worth more than you’re paid. You need to go above and beyond so that you’re seen as someone highly valuable for the organization. Below are some points which can help you to exceed your boss expectations.

How to become a better employee, here some help:

1. Update Your Knowledge

Learn about your company’s industry, competitors, latest developments, and challenges. By learning the current industry trends and developments, your competitor’s moves and overall market strategy, you can not only able to perform well in your job but also able to see things from a wider prospective and not just from an organizational level. On top of knowing how to do your job, it shows that you know why you’re doing it and why it matters.


2. Be Honest

Accountability is a lost art. Too many people try to cover up their mistakes, fearing the repercussions of admitting fault. Instead of owning up to mistakes once they’re discovered, be honest and bring them to light yourself. It shows that you are responsible and not afraid to own up to your mistakes. Whenever you make a mistake, just give your boss a simple heads-up and tell him the steps you’ve already taken to mitigate the problem.


3. Improve Your Skills By Your Own

Instead of waiting or asking your boss to send you to a class or workshop to improve your skills, do it on your own. Pursue training yourself, on your own time and inform the boss regarding the training you had done recently and how its helping you in improving your job performance. By doing this you will not only be saving your company’s money, but also getting ahead, and expanding your skillset at the same time.


4. Be Proactive

Everybody can do, what they have been told. But in order to exceed, you need to be proactive. If you see a problem, fix it ahead without somebody telling you to fix it. If you see something that needs doing, do it and let your boss know what you have done and how it has saved companies time and money. Bosses appreciate vision more than anything.


5. Communicate Effectively With Your Boss

Communicate effectively with your boss and make him aware of every situation. Never let your boss be blindsided. A blindside creates frustration and chaos that usually ends up in a major time-wasting fire drill. For example, if you suspect that one of your client is getting really ticked off and is about to escalate over you or your boss, you need to let him in advance. Otherwise, he’ll be completely blindsided by the situation, unprepared to handle it.


6. Help And Cultivate Good Relationship With Other Departments

Help and build relationships not just within your department but throughout the company. Always remember a person-to-person interactions are almost always more effective than department-to-department exchanges. Offer junior employees guidance and encouragement and treat all co-workers with courtesy, respect, and kindness.


7. In A Crisis, Be The Calm One

A calm, assured energy will take you much farther than carrying yourself in a hunched up ball. So, maintain your calm during a crisis. Your composure and ability to think clearly during a crisis demonstrates leadership potential. Always remember, leaders always do get promoted.


To bring it all together, the people who achieve the most are those who add the most value. So, let your boss know that he is getting a great return on the time and money he is investing in you.

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